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Microculture Device and Antimicrobial Resistance Diagnostics

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Our team is also aim to develop a rapid microculture device that can rapidly isolate, culture bacteria from whole blood (≤60 minutes) and thereafter assess susceptibility of bacteria for particular antibiotic(s) (≤30 minutes) enabling effective antibiotic treatment design, thus avoid misuse of antimicrobials. Over the time, pathogens have adapted to anti-microbials designed to kill them and became resistance and hence antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has become one of the major threats to global public health. In the absence of rapid (≤3hrs), specific and affordable methods for identification of pathogen and their anti-microbial susceptibility/resistance profiling, empirical use of antibiotics have significantly contributed to the development of AMR and related issues.

Fever Diagnostics



Another product we are working on is a sensitive, rapid, affordable  point of care multiplex test could diagnose and differentiate among different kind of fevers. Due to unavailability of appropriate diagnostics, clinicians are forced to design empirical treatment regimens and this has been ultimately contributing significantly to the upcoming global problem of rapid emergence and spread of anti-microbial drug-resistance
The test would help in diagnosing the cause of fever at field and making guided clinical decisions and appropriate designing of treatment regimes. The proposed test would have following benefits:

Currently, we are set with our product “Ezy-Typ” to provide the global market a highly accurate, sensitive, and affordable point-of-care diagnostic test for Typhoid. We thank Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) – BIRAC for supporting us in our mission and dream to bring this product “Ezy-Typ” into realization.